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Date: Fri Jan 16 1998 - 15:47:53 PST writes:
>On the old site there was some talk of a new Damar "sequel" coming out.
>In a local bookstore last night I saw an edition of _The Hero and the
>Crown_ which I'd never seen before. I presume that was it. Yee ha.
>Cover's not so bad; not a scene from the book, just a sword and dragon.
>But the old cover wasn't great, except for Maur. This edition also has
>a little blurb in the front saying that Hero predates _Sword_, and that
>there are some topographical differences. I'm not sure if the old
>edition was so explicit about that.
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the old edition did have the thing about the time and topographical
differences. at least the paperback did. i'll check my hardcover later.
anyway, is calling the "new" book "sequel to Hero and the crown"
and they say it hasn't been published yet.

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