Kasyo no Yume -- Toei
<The Dreams of Kasyo -- Prosperity in Winter>

Copyright Fuyumi Ono, Koudansya, 2001


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Really? Taiki jumped.
gI can ride on a horse?h
Gyousou nodded.

gIt might be more fun to be able to ride on a kijyuu (Rb). However, riding kijyuu in the palace is forbidden. Moreover, kijyuu might be a little too large for Kourifs body size. We can put a saddle on the carriage like what we did in journeys, but you will feel bored of it, wonft you?h
Taikifs mind was filled with only glee.

gThank you for your perseverance in the long journey.h
gBut... it isnft that hard, and there are many joyful moments. But do I deserve such a praise from you?h
Yes you do, Gyousou smiled, and walked up to the second floor. There was a warm bright room that was decorated at all sides by glass windows.

gIt is not just solely for you. I also would like you to be close to me.h

Taiki eyes opened wide. That moment, Taiki felt the concern that Gyousou had over him. Taiki always felt lonely and helpless, so Gyousou showed his concern in this way, Taiki thought.

gWell... but...h
Taiki didnft want Gyousou to think he was not happy. However, Taikifs heart was sunk by the burdensome concern in Gyousou. As Taiki fumbled for words to express his feelings, Gyousou gave a bitter smile.
gI rush too much, I guess.h

Gyousou took a seat in one of the chairs, and pointed to another chair, which Taiki obediently sat on.
gThere are people saying that I am too ruthless and hasty, and I believe the allegations were not all wrong. However, I was not good at easing my rein since long ago. Therefore, I would like to see Kourifs face.h

g...My face?h
gI like it when Kouri asks what things are and talks with me, like that time when we just moved in Hakkei Palace. I need you to be my paperweight and soothe my rash. Otherwise, I will leave all officials behind and run on my own.h

Taiki stared blankly up at Gyousou.
gc Whatfs the matter?h
Nothing, Taiki shook his head.

gSo today, Ifll just sit back and relax on Taikifs travelling stories. Recently, Gashin (M) said that my mood was so sullen that it became scary to be beside me.h
gGashin? From the Army of Zui Province (B)?h
Gashin was in Gyousoufs army before. He was now leading the Right Army of Zui Province.

gIt was like staying beside a hungry tiger.h
Gyousou smiled bitterly, and Taiki laughed out without thinking. He thought it might really be the case in some sense: Taiki was the caretaker of Gyousou, looking after him so that he would not be hungry.

gThen, let me try my best to make Mister Gyousoufs stomach always full.h
Please, Gyousou laughed, and suddenly he raised his hand.
gOh, you brought that from Ren, I bet.h

Without knowing what Gyousou was referring to, Taiki looked at the direction Gyousou was pointing at. Outside the glass window, huge ume (~, Japanese apricot) trees stood crowded outside the fence.

At branches close to the window, there are two white, small flowers.

The long winters of Tai was finally to draw its finale.

*** END ***

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