Kasyo no Yume -- Toei
<The Dreams of Kasyo -- Prosperity in Winter>

Copyright Fuyumi Ono, Koudansya, 2001


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The path Gyousou walked on led to Seishin (Q). Thinking that Gyousou would like him to have a stay at Seishin, Taiki rambled on about the appearance of Urou Palace and Jyuurei, and about Kyuu and Han where they stopped over during their trip. One month is too long for Taiki. There are so many things that he would like to tell. By talking, Taiki felt that he could bury behind him the time he was not at Gyousoufs side.

gThen, Seirai...h

Taiki continued, but suddenly stopped his track. He had been walking along as Gyousou pushed him on his back, and now he entered a place he had never seen before. Looking around, he could see the Main Hall of Seishin nearby. The building he was looking at now was located at the immediate west of the Main Hall.

gWhat was up with Seirai?h

Gyousou asked as he passed through the building into a cozy little garden. Right at the back of the garden, there was a door to the main building, and there stood Tansui. That was the reason for Taikifs shock. Tansui should have returned to Jinjyuu Hall (mda) after leaving the Forbidden Gate.

Whatfs the matter, Gyousou smilingly asked, and Taiki was urged hurriedly into the main building. He saw his familiar female servants and his luggages all moved to there.

Taiki turned to look up at Gyousou, and suddenly remembered Seirai saying, gThere might be good things happening to youh before they went to Ren.
gDoes that mean I am moving to here?h
gIf you do not want to stay at Jinjyuu Hall, that is to say.h

Taiki knew that he face was scorched with joy. It was so close to the Main Hall where Gyousou was. Taiki had also been longing to talk to Gyousou, however short the conversation would be. However, the Palace was too big to walk for Taiki, and his wish had long been denied.

gHowever, this is further to Koutoku Hall (La), the provincial office.h
gThat is absolutely fine with me. I will just hurry to there as fast as I can go.h
gBut, can you legs carry you that fast?h
gIf they canft, I will just run!h
gDoing that every day would be hard, wouldnft it?h
gFine with me! It is good for health, and now that I want to grow up, I would surely grow much faster if I run every day. ... And, well...h

gYou hate the carriage as usual, am I right?h
Taiki nodded as Gyousou asked with a smile. Taiki could never get used to carriages. Being carried around by adults on their shoulders made Taiki somehow guilty and uncomfortable.

gThen Kouri, you must become an apprentice of Tansui for a while.h
gThere are young horses. Ask Tansui to teach you ride a horse.h


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