Higashi no Wadatsumi, Nishi no Soukai
<The Sea God in the East, the Vast Sea in the West>

Copyright Fuyumi Ono, Koudansya, 1994


~ Chapter One~


gItan, when did you arrive?h

Rokutafs friendly smile was greeted with a freezing glance.

gWhat a bunch of slackers. What a mystery that the Kingdom of En can stand again!h

gDaibu(v), Daibuh
Syukou said politely with a bitter smile, but Itan has already turned back.

gDaibu, where are you going?h

g... To catch that guy.h
Itan left with loud footsteps. Rokuta sighed.

gHefs so quick-tempered.h

Itan had second name Tyototsu (, lit. dash like a boar). This name is also not without meaning.

gWhat bad timing.h
Syukou laughed as he looked at Rokuta.

gI am not like Itan, but I am also very quick-tempered.h

gOh really?h

gYour majesty didnft attend the last administrative meeting, so nothing could be decided. When Itan and others wanted to hand in their report, they were told to wait till the day after. They were designated an appointment at this time today, but no matter how long they waited, your majesty still didnft show himself. In this situation, they were supposed to ask for further instruction from Taihou, the support of the emperor. However Taihou is as inattentive as he is right now...h


gIf the same thing happens again, I have also made up my mind. No matter whether it is your majesty or Taihou, I am resolved to show no mercy.h

Rokuta slightly bowed as he laughed feebly.
gIt was my bad. I would reflect on it.h

Syukou smiled.
gIt is very splendid for my dear sir to open his heart and accept my heartfelt advice. May I I take from your word that you have understood, my dear sir?h

gYeah I got it.h

gThen...h Syukou took out a scroll from his inside pocket and shoved it to Rokuta.

gThis is Taikou no Ten no Maki (j̓V̊, The Heavenly Commandments -- Scroll of Heaven). In it recorded the experience of emperors and Taihous. Write about your absence from the administrative meetings as proof of your reflection.h


gWrite six paragraphs by tomorrow. Do you have any objections, my dear sir?h

gDoing this will slow down the administrative work, wonft it?h
Rokuta threw an upward glance to the gentle-looking face. Syukou smiling expression shows no hint of finding fault with Rokuta.

gIt wonft make a big difference if the work is slowed down for just one day.h


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