Higashi no Wadatsumi, Nishi no Soukai
<The Sea God in the East, the Vast Sea in the West>

Copyright Fuyumi Ono, Koudansya, 1994


~ Chapter One~


gRegarding this matter, nobody but your majesty can give instructions this moment today. Your majesty who shoulders heavy responsibility must never nullify his promise. The emperor should be the model for all officials.h

gI always say that guy is always like this. So irresponsible.h

gYour majesty is the supporting pillar of this kingdom. If this colossal pillar shakes, Ifm afraid that the whole kingdom will shake as well. But your majesty is no where to be seen at the administrative meeting (c, Tyougi), and no one knows where your majesty is when it is time for administrative matters. Do you really believe that this is the way to build a kingdom?h

Rokuta casted Syukou an upward glance.
gI would also like to said these to Syouryuu(, the emperor's name)...h

Syukou raised his thin eyebrows again, and suddenly banged his reports onto the desk.

gHow many times have Taihou come to the administrative meetings this month?h

Rokuta stared at his hand and bent his fingers, counting.
gToday, Ifm not there... And then...h

gAllow me. Only four times.h

gWell you sure know better.h

A commissioner cannot attend the administrative meeting himself, as the position is not high-ranked enough. Rokuta looked up at Syukou half amazed. Syukou gave an extremely gentle smile.

gThat is because all officials are deploring about this at every corner of the palace. Do you know that the administrative meeting is supposed to be held every day?h

hI ...h

gIt was your majesty who decided that the administrative meetings would be held once every three days. That means there would be ten administrative meetings every month. Now that this month is drawing to an end, may I ask for the reason why Taihou attended only four of the meetings?h

gWell ...h

gIn the case of your majesty, he has attended only once! How in fact do your majesty and Taihou think they will govern this kingdom?h
There was a loud bump of a chair toppling on the balcony. Rokuta looked at the direction, and saw that the voice was from the chief of land affairs (l, suijin), Itan (), who showed up from nowhere. Veins stood up on his forehead, and his shoulders were shaking with anger.

gWhy canft this master-and-servant pair be better behaved in the palace?h

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