A Deepness in the Sky

29 Dec 2005

  • John Clute review .
    24 March 2000
    >pnh@panix.com (P Nielsen Hayden) wrote:
    >>I _would_ like to say that, although I am not Vernor Vinge's editor (that
    >>would be Jim Frenkel) and this is not my book, A DEEPNESS IN THE SKY is one
    >>of the best traditional-SF novels I have ever read.  I read it two months
    >>ago and my head is still ringing.
    >Can you give some more information on this book? 
    It's set 30,000 years before A FIRE UPON THE DEEP, about 8,000 years in our
    It involves (among other characters) Pham Nuwen and the Qeng Ho.
    It's set in the galaxy of the Zones of Thought -- but no one in the book
    knows about the Zones.  It's all in the Slow Zone, and all involves sublight
    travel.  As a result, the sense of scope is, oddly, _greater_ than in AFUTD
    -- the people in it really are dealing with immense spans of time.
    It contains one (1) race of absolutely wonderfully-done aliens, from whose
    point of view we see part of the story.
    It's an extraordinarily well _written_ clockwork thriller.  I have noticed
    for a while that each successive book by Vernor Vinge is twice as
    well-written as the previous one.  In 2009, I expect him to win the Nobel
    Prize for Literature.
    "So high, so low, so many things to know."
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