Crest of the Stars fan page

21 Jan 2012
I discovered Crest of the Stars and Banner of the Stars recently (May 2009) and read the translated novels, and the works are now up there with Twelve Kingdoms for favorite anime-related material.

  • LJ community; the only live English discussion group I know of.
  • My reviews and comments


  • Project Lafiel
  • Seikai Wikia
  • TV Tropes
  • Interesting but seems to contradict other material at points Wikipedia on ships and tech
    Dead Geocities links:
  • Useful culture and summary site
  • Extensive though incomplete language material

    Fanfics I liked:

  • Souvenir: Short and sweet
  • Evolution: long, possibly book-length, but pretty good. Unexpected SF directon for the series but well-done.
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