poly: faster than light in a super-vacuum

From: Damien Broderick <d.broderick@english.unimelb.edu.au>
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 00:17:38 PDT

I think Forrest posted some speculations here recently on using in- and
out-of-phase superpositions to tweak a signal to superluminal velocity. In
the forthcoming (August) novel by former Lockheed scientist and currently
pop sci/sf writer Wil McCarthy, THE COLLAPSIUM (Del Rey), there's a
detailed future technology based on Haisch's zero point energy EM theory of
gravitation and other forces. McCarthy proposes, perhaps somewhat
seriously, that an extended exotic object built from protons pumped to
black hole densities (don't ask, it's in the book and the appendices) might
contain a super vacuum - owing to the excluded virtual wavelengths - in
which the velocity of light might be way higher than c.

I really don't know how serious his speculations are. But he is very
respectful of Haisch, Puthoff and the ZPE gang.

Damien Broderick
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