Re: poly: Re: Arrow's Social Choice Theorem / Borda count

From: Anton Sherwood <>
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 21:28:32 PDT

Eric Watt Forste wrote:
> Personally, I think PR in the legislative elections was the
> principal constitutional flaw that brought Hitler to enough
> power by legal routes to launch his 1933 coup.

Personally, I think the existence of "enough power by legal routes" is
the principal constitutional flaw almost everywhere. I'm far from
certain that our constitutional structure would defeat a clever
President who might manufacture a pretext to seize dictatorial power.
We already have a President who takes it on himself to enforce the laws
he thinks Congress ought to have passed if it weren't intimidated by
those damned interfering voters (gun imports), and an Attorney General
who, denied a court order in a matter that's technically none of her
business, sends in the goons anyway. But I digress.

> It's also been
> one of the factors preventing Italy from having a government
> representative of its people since 1945 (this is why governments
> fall so quickly after being formed there).

What's more representative than the fragility of consensus?

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