Re: poly: Job choice advice request: GMU econ vs. UCB info

From: Robin Hanson <>
Date: Wed Feb 17 1999 - 09:39:09 PST

Curt Adams wrote:
>I wish I knew enough about these schools to give good advice. I'm
>having enough trouble picking a graduate school.

Why you should come wherever I go, of course :-).

>GMU seems much more a traditional academic setting. ...
>Eyeballing the faculty list, it looks more prestigious.
>I'd say GMU is more about "explaining".
>UCB SIMS seems almost like a corporate research lab ...
>the long-term opportunities for funding and advancement are superior.
>I'd say SIMS is more about "doing".

Actually, the UCB option is the clear "prestige" winner. You're right
though about explaining vs. doing. GMU would be my chance to find a
quiet secure corner where I'd have the freedom to pursue whatever ideas
I find interesting. UCB would be jumping into the thick of a hot policy
area, raising the visibility of me & things like idea futures.

>Right now I'm finding myself drawn to experimental work and I personally would
>be more interested in UCB SIMS. What I've seen of your web papers and
>discussions seems more theoretically and academically oriented, so it seems
>better suited to GMU.

That's a good point to consider. I've had more success as an
theorist than as an engineer. Does this mean I should stick with
theory, or does it mean I finally have the credibility to bring
attention to my engineering ideas, and should go for that?

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