Re: poly: Re: tolerance... promoted by shadows??

From: Peter C. McCluskey <>
Date: Thu May 28 1998 - 22:17:39 PDT (Hal Finney) writes:
>I don't feel comfortable overemphasizing this example, because it may sound
>as if I am saying that those who disagree with me are Nazis, and that is
>not at all what is intended.

 Maybe comparisons to Neville Chamberlin are in order. This sure looks
like it assumes we only need to deal with decent people, and can ignore
the possibility of running into unpleasant people: (d.brin) writes:
>>Suppose you discovered that someone was secretly homosexual. Say he
>>was a high school teacher in a conservative school district, and he'd
>>likely be fired if they found out about his sexual orientation.
>If we never knew it till he was outed, then it means he was polite and
>discreet... and decent people would today rally behind him. See the book I
>cited avove. See also Kevin Kline's recent movie IN & OUT

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