Re: poly: Warm-Glow, not Altruism

From: Nick Bostrom <>
Date: Mon May 25 1998 - 21:32:44 PDT

Robin Hanson wrote:

> Nick B. writes:
> >I want to go even further: I claim that there is a huge inefficiency
> >in the way that people spend their money altruistically.

> >There is no ruthless feedback system and no punishment for giving to
> >the wrong charities

> Economists like myself tend to resist stupidity explanations like this,
> because just about any modeling approach can explain just about any
> behavior if you put stupidity in the right place.
> For this case a natural explanation is that charity isn't driven by
> altruism; people *aren't* altruistic. Instead, people just like the
> act of giving, regardless of whether it helps or not.

Hmm... Then, how comes people never give to people who are richer
than themselves?

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