Re: poly: endless progress (was The singleton hypothesis)

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Date: Mon May 04 1998 - 15:43:28 PDT

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>Carl Feynman <> writes:
>> Of course, I may be wrong, and progress may be endless. It would be more
>> fun that way, but it doesn't seem likely.
>It is interesting (but perhaps rather pointless) to ponder how the
>natural laws would have to be to allow that. Some kind of infinite
>series of ever subtler interactions and fields with constantly new
>and unexpected properties?

If my reading of the Origins of Order is correct, you could get that
from heteropolymer chemistry (e.g, DNA/ protein etc) if every additional
piece of the polymer had a meaningful chance of having a global
effect on the polymer's activity. Kaufmann touches on this when
discussing models of language spaces but I don't recall any good math
on the subject.
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