Re: poly: Grav diffusion w/o dark matter

From: CurtAdams <>
Date: Mon May 04 1998 - 15:23:39 PDT

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>R.J. Britten (California Institute of Technology, US) presents a
>model that without dark matter quantitatively describes the flat
>rotation curves of galaxies and the mass-to-light ratios of
>clusters of galaxies. The hypothesis is that the agent of
>gravitational force is propagated as if it were scattered with a
>mean free path of about 5 kiloparsecs. As a result, the force
>between moderately distant masses separated by more than the mean
>free path diminishes as the inverse first power of the distance,
>following diffusion equations, and describes the flat rotation
>curves of galaxies. The force between masses separated by < 1
>kiloparsec diminishes as the inverse square of the distance.

That wouldn't be exact, would it? A kiloparsec is an awfully long
way but it seems that some effect would be detectable in highly
elliptical orbits.

A strange theory, but it has an attractive simplicity.
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