Re: poly: Dumbing down AIs (was: Modeling Economic Singularities

From: Damien R. Sullivan <>
Date: Tue Apr 28 1998 - 10:28:31 PDT

On Apr 28, 9:49am, Robin Hanson wrote:
> Damien S. wrote:

> >Urmm. I don't think I'd say that. The utilitarian argument for having more
> >people is to have more problem solvers; fewer better off people might be
> >better than a bunch of not so well off people.
> I thought the utilitarian argument for having more people is that those
> people would enjoy their lifes, even if that doesn't improve your life.

Oh, I suppose that's true: utilitarianism == maximizing total happiness. I
was using it in a more pragmatic sense. Perhaps I should have said the
economic argument. Or just Julian Simon's argument. :)

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