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Date: Fri Apr 03 1998 - 21:25:21 PST

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>I brush my teeth before I shave in the morning, out of habit. There is
>no real function to doing so before shaving vs. after shaving,
>however. None the less, I would have difficulty shifting the order --
>not because it would cause any real disruption in my life, but because
>I'm too "used" to the other way around. I may continue to do this so
>long as I have teeth to brush and a beard to shave.
>This is not an "investment". This is a stereotyped behavior of the
>type that animals (and we are animals) are good at forming and not
>good at changing. It is, in short, a habit -- a "learned

To change this habit would require significant effort, time, and possibly
errors as well (e.g., forgetting to brush you teeth). You do have
to spend valuable things to change habits; so your trade-offs for
changing them are much like changing investments.
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