Re: poly: Why Oldies Stations?

From: Damien R. Sullivan <>
Date: Fri Apr 03 1998 - 17:12:34 PST

On Apr 3, 12:02am, Anders Sandberg wrote:
> Robin Hanson <> writes:
> > Here are some theories to explain this pattern:
> > 1) Only young people have the time to explore new ways of doing things.
> > Older folks are too busy to reconsider these choices.
> In that case we would notice that people with more time on their hands
> would shift habits and preferences more. I don't think this is the
> case, but I don't have supporting data.
In at least one case they seem to: young girls (teenage, 'young adult') in
Japan dominate changing fads these days, by the articles I've seen. The
proferred explanation has been that they have money (Japan being prosperous)
and time (as many will marry and be supported by their husband, as a class
they don't have the academic pressures their male cohorts do.)

Second point: I suspect that mid-life crises are more common among people who
have the money to take time off from working, who can afford to choose to have
time on their hands.

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