Re: poly: polymath digest for 27 Mar 98

From: d.brin <>
Date: Sat Mar 28 1998 - 02:25:14 PST

Greg & Curt sound like real adventurers. (Or easy chumps with spare cash!)
Either way, I'd be willing to join in a little nosing around re: that beach
in Angola. Our one advantage would be that nobody I know of has thought of
it because even speculators don't have the long range view Robin talks
about. (It'll probably take a whole generation for things to sort out down
there, meanwhile, absentee landlords face the possibility of arbitrary
confiscation or capricious extortion along the way... as well as real
problems inspecting what they buy!)

It'd have to involve local partners and experts in the region. Plus perhaps
some ex-Cuban soldiers who served there in the 80s, and now have hotel
experience near Havana..? Hmmm.....

Well, let's keep it in mind and contact each other if we ever meet anybody
with the right connections!
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