Re: poly: Why interest rates may stay low

From: Robin Hanson <>
Date: Tue Mar 03 1998 - 09:23:38 PST

Curt Adams writes:
>>I was assuming we have hard-wired [discount] rates tied to our rate
>>of subjective experience, so that we again have a factor of two
>>per subjective "20 years", which might be only a few seconds
>>of real time.
>I understand the principle, but I do think that if we know enough
>to upload, we'll know enough to play with temporal perceptions.
>Any built-in emotional responses to produce appropriate discounting
>- such as a certain demand for novelty slightly below production -
>ought to have already gone haywire in our society. A lot of
>people plan out their life spending fairly explicitly after the
>mid-30's or so. I think our discounts, then, may have a
>substantial rational component an upload will emulate without

You've completely lost me here. What is a "rational discount rate"?
How can we "play with temporal perceptions" of uploads, other than
by running them faster or slower?

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