Re: poly: Open vs closed universe

From: Hal Finney <>
Date: Fri Feb 27 1998 - 08:59:57 PST

This morning there are accounts that the universe expansion seems to be
not only faster than was expected for a closed or flat universe, but
actually accelerating. I haven't found a primary source, but one account
is at:

This suggests that there is in fact a cosmological constant, an inherent
repulsion even in empty space.

If so, then it could be the case that the universe has enough matter
to close itself, but that it is unable to slow the expansion because
of the CC. This would mean that the universe is spatially closed while
being open in time, expanding forever, and would put us back to a finite

There is still no evidence that there is enough matter to close the universe,
but if it is established that there is a repulsive CC then the possibility
would once again be open.

> "I would have designed a simpler universe," comments Rocky Kolb,
> another University of Chicago astrophysicist.

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