Re: poly: Heinleinian eugenics

From: Robin Hanson <>
Date: Thu Feb 26 1998 - 10:27:24 PST

Carl writes:
>It is of interest to consider what traits are worth selecting for. ...
>(3) The trait should not be a positional good. ... Better to just
>not let it get started by banning selection for height.

This is a solid argument, but the tricky part is that most goods that
have a positional component also have substantial functional components
as well. So as usual, "where do we draw the line?"

Height is attractive not just because of the possibility of a job as
a basketball player, but mainly because it is a signal of health and
nutrition in childhood, which correlates with lots of desirable

We already have a vast number of positional goods which we do not now
ban efforts at attaining. I think we need to better understand this
behavior before being very confident of the value of analogous bans
in new areas such as genetic choice.

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