Re: poly: Time flies like a froot loop

From: Mitchell Porter <>
Date: Sat Feb 14 1998 - 02:47:07 PST

Forrest Bishop said

> John Cramer is giving a talk Saturday to a small group (NSS Seattle
> chapter) which I'll try to make. Do you have any questions for him?

I mailed him several questions about the Transactional Interpretation
over a year ago, and never received a reply. These were:

  1. Is there an algorithm which, given a description of a quantum
  process in terms of evolving and collapsing wavefunctions,
  specifies how to decompose the wavefunction into advanced and
  retarded waves, and what the pseudotime sequence of events is?
  2. Is the transactional interpretation a "particle *and* wave"
  interpretation (that phrase is Bell's characterization of the
  deBroglie-Bohm theory)?

  3. (related to #2) How does the transactional interpretation
  deal with quantum field theory, or with many-particle states,
  in which the total wavefunction does not inhabit 3D space?

  4. Does the transactional interpretation have anything in
  particular to say about quantum computers? (I have wondered
  whether the readout operation might in some sense retrocausally
  determine which computations are performed.)

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