Re: poly: Seeking StarFlight Functional Forms

From: Damien R. Sullivan <>
Date: Thu Feb 05 1998 - 21:47:22 PST

On Feb 5, 3:22pm, Robin Hanson wrote:

> >How about using Gompertz's law of mortality? The mortality rate as a
> >function of age rises exponentially. ... It's a generic feature of
> >mortality in most species.
> Cool! I didn't know about that. Anyone have suggestions on what the param
> values for this should be?
I'll be unhelpful, and point out that human mortality rates plateau
after a certain age. Young people die rarely, people in their 60s-80
die increasingly frequently, but I've read that once you make it to your
nineties people die off at a constant rate. The probably explanation
I've seen is that if you're going to get a degenerative disease you'll
probably get it by your eighties. If you make it to 90 you'll keep on
going until you just stop, for whatever reason people do wear out and

I can't see how this would be relevant, unless the large numbers of
probes will include many not-fully-simulated variations.

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