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From: CurtAdams <>
Date: Wed Jan 07 1998 - 21:51:38 PST

In a message dated 1/7/98 2:06:28 PM, (Robin Hanson)

>Curt wrote:
>>Say, with the endless minimum wage debate, conducting an experiment
>>in which the only things different about the employers in question
>>was the minimum wage law, and the employers weren't competing.
>Given sufficient funding, such experiments are possible. In fact,
>analogous experiments have been done - I haven't looked at the details
>in a while.
>For example, a famous health economics experiment (by RAND) randomly gave
>different people different copayment rates, and examined their differing
>health care usage and health outcomes.

Well, whenever you mention the results from one of those nice juicy
empirical studies I can guarantee one person here will be most interested.
I still find economics fascinating.
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