Re: poly: Rapture of the Future

From: carl feynman <>
Date: Wed Jan 07 1998 - 12:25:06 PST

At 06:49 PM 12/31/97 -0700, Tim May wrote:
>Some comments about what I see as the dangers of thinking so much about the
>far distant future. Probably I'll piss off a few of you.
>Everyone on this list is indeed the brightest of
>the bright (though I think the invite list is dangerously skewed toward
>Extropians or former Extropians). But the topics being discussed are in a
>very narrow range, mostly about replicators expanding, deconstructing stars
>to build artifacts, super-intelligences, and the Omega Point. Odd.

Well, the list is only a month old. The first non-administrative message
to the list was my "ESS for HPLD", which started a whole stream of related
posts on topics of, as you say, "replicators expanding, deconstructing stars
to build artifacts, super-intelligences, and the Omega Point." Like Tim,
I'm also not thrilled by how narrow the range of discussion has been.
Though I'm happy to talk about all these topics, I also like talking about
urban planning, surgery, and medieval history. But I haven't had any
original thoughts in these areas in the last month, so I haven't tried
sending out any messages on the topic, so we haven't seen if there's enough
other interested people on the list to get a discussion going.

Let's wait a few weeks and see what else people come up with.

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