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From: Anders Sandberg <>
Date: Sat Jan 03 1998 - 07:05:34 PST

GBurch1 <> writes:

> Every time I look in the mirror, I know what will make biotech boom . . . a
> cure for baldness. Just kidding. Sort of. Actually, a major single-point
> breakthrough in longevity medicine might be the thing . . .

My personal guess is that as soon as the baby boomers really realize
they are getting *old* the demand of longevity medicine will
explode. It is already growing quickly, and guess the critical moment
will be when they reach retirement age.

One thing I like about demographics is the predictability: people
usually become one year older (chronologically speaking) each year,
and that makes it easy to extrapolate hwo many children will begin
school in five years, or when a large group of people will
retire. Predicting their behavior is of course much harder, but at
least we have some information.

> I now think retina painters will be the ticket on the display
> front, which puts that breakthrough c. 5 years off at the earliest. I wonder
> what level of processor power is needed?

I have the impression it is quite modest, the complexity appears to
lie in the optics rather than driver system.

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