Re: poly: speeding up a star's burn rate (was: frontier replicators et. al.)

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Date: Tue Dec 30 1997 - 14:10:50 PST (Amara Graps) writes:
[A really good answer-post. I hope I can ever provide this quality ]

Some thoughts:

1) It would be nice to get together all that has been written and
thought about stellar engineering "under one roof" so that we could
see how the different proposals could be combined etc. Somebody
feeling they like to do a review?

2) What about laser stars? Apparently some stars have at least
chromospheres that can be made to lase. I have a link from my megatech
page to a website discussing techniques to use this. Maybe one could
use the laser to "drill a hole" deep enough to insert carbon into a
convective zone. Sounds hard, and the energy is likely too small, but
it might be worth looking at.

3) One simple way of speeding up the evolution would be to densify the
core, perhaps by inserting a piece of neutronium (keeping it in one
piece at sub-neutron star pressure and high temperature is left as an
exercise for technological optimists) or a small black hole (should
heat up the core nicely, at least locally). What about the effects of
the "photino birds" in Baxter's _Ring_ (weakly interacting particles
aggregating around the core, moving energy around in a way I right now
cannot remember)? It seems like these ideas all belong to the real
far-out part of megaengineering; best to keep to atomic matter for the

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