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From: Damien R. Sullivan <>
Date: Mon Dec 15 1997 - 14:40:22 PST

On Dec 15, 1:52pm, Hal Finney wrote:

> similar to my earlier post would apply. Replicators in the expansion
> zone would devote their resources to expansion. Behind the expansion
> zone, behavior would be random and unpredictable.
Random? Only in the sense that we don't know the details of their
conditions, or that the implications are too complex to think about
easily. You're talking about those left behind in the depleted core,
where everything is already developed and alive, and can't go anywhere
much better in resources. A situation more analogous to most situations
on Earth. Lots of different organisms, competing or perhaps cooperating
as best suits the situation.

If you're right about behavior launchers right behind the frontier being
unpredictable, well, they'll either evolve, or fall to the expansion of
the (civilized?) core.

To analyze farther requires specifying assumptions about their
technology, I think. If the frontier only does fast fusion of local
hydrogen that helium and rock and stars are left behind for everyone
else. If they fuse to iron that makes things less pleasant, but the
stars are still there. If they run eveything through black holes for
total conversion there may not be anything outside of the surface of the
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