poly: META: List openly readable?

From: Damien R. Sullivan <phoenix@ugcs.caltech.edu>
Date: Mon Dec 08 1997 - 12:55:50 PST

Ye Olde Extropians List had a policy that members' postings weren't to
be disseminated without permission. Do we keep that? It would imply
being obscure about the web archive (there's no real security) and make
it difficult to at least show other people what the list was. I don't
have strong feelings myself, but have been quiet about the list (outside
the invitees) simply out of caution. (And majordomo doesn't block spam;
I want to investigate different list software.) If there aren't strong
opinions or arguments for keeping the list hidden I won't worry about it.

(I'm using an secondary list for this message so that default replies
will go to me, as seems appropriate for what is essentially a poll.)

(For newly joined members wondering "what web archive?", I'll
update the majordomo info file in a few minutes.)

-xx- Damien R. Sullivan X-)
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