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From: Anders Sandberg <>
Date: Mon Dec 08 1997 - 09:28:17 PST (d.brin) writes:

> (1) galactic differential rotation 'smears' any spherical expansion shell.
> (Inner parts of the galaxy rotate faster).

This effect is likely to be too slow to be of any consequence, since
the expansion appears to be close to lightspeed; stellar motions are
insignificant compared to the replicator speed.

> (2) Bear in mind that complex ecosystems act to prevent prairie fire
> reproduction orgies. But such ecosystems are not in place at the beginning.
> When a virgin enthalpy source begins being exploited for the first time,
> the opportunistic species may breed spasmodically, use everyting up, and
> leave a wasteland behind, Wild swings of population may occur until
> predation and other limiters talke hold. This is one possible explanation
> for the local 'Great Silence.' (I'm discussing it in a coming novel.)

Reminds me of the ecosystems of a hay infusion.

Life seems to move towards self-organized criticality in the long run,
but it would be interesting to study the known cases of transients
when it starts far from it.

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