24 April 1997

I want to be a polymath, to know it all, to turn the universe inside out. To map all that is to symbols in my mind, and to make my brain contain the universe. I wish to be a starmind burning the creativity of those who have gone before. For it is said that no thing has value if someone does not see it. Now every human sees herself, and what she does, and many watch many things. But few watch the whole, few know all of history and math, science and language. Few see humanity, but I wish to be one of those few.

To be clear, I did not set out with this goal. Rather it is a fair statement of where my desires lead me -- fair, but somewhat enhanced; to say I want to be a polymath so that the universe is valued is utter poetic hyperbole. I want to be a polymath because I want to know it all, which is polymath means.

Personal names or symbols have been phoenix, Tuor, Oolong, Twirlip of Greymist, the Low Willow, and the Low Golden Willow.

Philosophy quip: "Cynical optimism": people are selfish bastards but that's okay, because things work out anyway.

My PGP key.

In a rare burst of openness, I'll say I'm personality type INTX according to the test here. INTP. INTJ.