Exotic Personals

Single White Vorlon seeking single human for enlightenment, confusion, understanding. Must have always been here. You will become ready.

Single Minbari Satai seeking good prophecy of doom and rebirth for personal achievement and fulfillment. Willing to transform self greatly for compatibility. Must tolerate moon boots.

Single Minbari outcast seeking anyone, any species, who will treat me like a decent person, as opposed to some half-breed freak even though I was a perfectly normal bonehead until nine months ago. I've even traded the moon boots for great hair.

Phoenix seeking faerie Queen for flirtation, banter, alliance, and more? Must be female, literate, multiversal, semi-terrestrial. Knowledge of entomology optional.

Two billion Markab seeking cure for plague and the common sense to ask for help before it's too late.

One planet seeking occupants. Previously occupied by two billion Markab, now occupied by two billion Markab corpses. Prime real estate, defense net already installed. Yours for the taking.

Single witch seeking familiar for long life of friendship and cooperation. Will trade food, shelter, life, for arcane and mundane alertness and memory assistance. Sense of humor a plus. Sense of bad jokes a minus.

Single assassin human, uh Easterner, seeking mate. Sense of humor, tolerance of my bloodthirsty assassinating ways a must, as well as being an Easterner. Being a witch is a plus. Ability to tolerate life on the run from the House of the Jhereg a must.

Single human Dragonlord, sorcerer, witch (human meaning Dragaeran) seeking large magical mountain for lifetime association, rivalry of Dzur Mountain. Good measurements a plus.

Only moderately dedicated Magic player seeking the Firestorm Phoenix card, for obvious personal reasons.

Weird, nu?