Arboreal Drift

11 March 1998

A dream of a meme
is a wonderful theme
or so we always do deem;
But a ream in a beam
causes termites to teem
or so it to me does seem.

Humans humans pay your dues
As never before you get to choose;
Become like us or fight and lose,
Great Ones evermore.
Powers evermore.

I believe in diamond glare
I believe in solar flare
Black light
Hard light

Oh, me hat is at a rakish angle
And I'm possessed of a roving eye;
My shirt it lacks no bangle
And me wallet no meat-pie.
(Alt: And me tongue it lacks no lie.)

Cynical Optimism:
People are selfish bastards but that's okay:
Things tend to work out anyway.
(dream I had, and spinoff)
one one one one

"The calendar of the theocracy of Muntab counts down, not up.  No one
knows why, but it probably wouldn't be a good idea to stay and find

and Daddy came home and I got a 'C'.
Autist girl scribbling on the wall.  Whence the countdown?  What does it
mean?  The gods speak through innocents and idiots; is this a warning or
a threat?

Five live jive chive knive five is alive and opens his mouth to speak
but screams a silent no no ivy burst out from mouth and belly the ivy oh
so green poison? know no poison speak no poison just ivy alive alive and
growing stop it but it looks so pretty like the pebbles on the beach
aren't they cute as they scuttle along

Five.  Twenty four.  And the Deathbird rises as the basilisk cowers.

Bridal Shower

Two days, two days, two days from yesterday,
Tomorrow will be married the youngest prince of Fay.
He is not a fairy, he is not an elf;
For our Queen took some mortal boy who'd been tending the shelf.
He has been a storeboy, he has been an ass;
Tomorrow he will marry the ugliest fairy lass.
Tomorrow we'll make merry, tomorrow we'll ring a bell;
Tomorrow we'll send the newlyweds as our tithe to Hell.

Composed ex tempore on Gale, concerning the Java->C compiler, which supported (badly) Java 1.02 the week JDK 1.2 came out.

If you're an early adopter
You never lack for fun.
You get to write a compiler
Whose code will never run.

And when you have fixed the problem
Your joys will start anew
For then from Sun will come
JDK 1.2

I want to live in Chi-ca-go,
It's my kind of town,
Where the streets never go uu-up,
And not even down.
All the roads are quite flaa-at,
It's as simple as thaat,
So if I lived in the ci-ty,
I'd never need pi-ty.

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