Reviews of Robin McKinley

17 March 1998

  • Linkoping Reviews
  • Koala's Reviews
  • Christina Schulman on Rose Daughter.
  • "Girls Who Do Things" , a general review of McKinley's books. Not bad, but if Deerskin is "about the mythical Damar", then why does Ossin say Aerin occurred "long ago and very far away"?
  • SF Site: Rose Daughter
  • Seized by the Tale covers Deerskin and The Blue Sword.
  • Justin Lee and David Montague review The Hero and the Crown. Can't say I actually think much of the review. 'ware spoilers (such as most of the plot) if need be.
  • Jennifer Miller and Loren Hebert review The Blue Sword. Different people, same site (Watuga High School). Hero would not make a better movie than Sword! Hello! Again, the plot is given at the end.
  • Infinite Loop reviews Deerskin.