Robin McKinley

Survey Results

These results are from a survey Amanda ran. Usual disclaimers apply: unscientific, self-selected, etc.

Entries: 421

Females: 359 (85 percent)
Males: 45 (11 percent)

When making conclusions about the data, remember that only an estimated 10-20 percent of WWW/Internet users are female.

Average Age: 23.5
Average Age at First Reading: 16
Average Number of Years: 7.

The ave. number of years is calculated from people who gave an answer for both age questions. Since some people give an answer for one or the other but not both, they are not included in the third calculation.

Average Number of Books Read: 5
Number of people who have read:
Beauty: 327
The Door in the Hedge: 236
The Blue Sword: 383
The Hero and the Crown: 389
The Outlaws of Sherwood: 293
Deerskin: 295
A Knot in the Grain: 158

Number of people who:
Consider themselves an avid fan: 308
Enjoy Robin McKinley's books: 110
Have not read anything by McKinley: 2
Do not enjoy McKinley's books: 1

Number of people whose favorite book is:
All of them: 58
None of them: 4
Beauty: 79
The Door in the Hedge: 1
The Blue Sword: 143
The Hero and the Crown: 87
The Outlaws of Sherwood: 9
Deerskin: 39
A Knot in the Grain: 1