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re: robin hood movies, computer troubles

the one with sean connery is called _robin and marian_. i think there was also a generic one a few years ago. i'm pretty sure it was just called _robin hood_; i haven't seen it, but there's a preview for it on _edward scissorhands_, i think. i was watching it with my friends and mentioned that i had never heard of it. at least one of them said it was good. has anyone else not been able to load this page (the whole thing, not just _outlaws_) for about the past three weeks? every time i tried to load it, it would go to 69% and stop. it finally worked again last night, but it takes at least a minute, usually more, to load anything, even a one-line message, which is why i'm not posting much (i sense that this sentence cannot sustain many more commas so i will go now)

From: Maren Williams
Saturday, October 11, 1997 at 22:13:39 (EDT)