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Robin Hood, Arthur favorite legends

I loved Robin's version of Robin Hood. He and Arthur are my two favorite legendary characters and I have over the years read everything I could find about both of them. I loved the Mary Stewart series about Arthur (and was seriously annoyed at Disney's screwing up of "The Sword and the Stone") and the TH White series was wonderful. A lot of the Robin Hood stories are difficult to read because they use olde English; I loathe stories written in dialect or olde English... hard to read, nearly impossible to use as a read-aloud for my kids (I am a 45 year-old mother of four and have run a K-8 school library for 7 years). Has anyone out there read "The Sherwood Game", by Esther M. Friesner? It is a really different treatment of the Robin Hood legend,starting in contemporary times and using a virtual reality game as a big part of the story. Really interesting! I hope Robin decides to write about Arthur eventually. That would be worth the read!

From: Betty
Saturday, May 17, 1997 at 12:57:22 (EDT)