The Door in the Hedge


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"Robin McKinley paints a magical landscape that will delight and enchant hearts young and old."
Joan D. Vinge

"The Door in the Hedge opens onto a world of magic that is both muscular and enchanting. Robin McKinley obviously loves the music of the old tales, but she adds melodies all her own, and that is what makes these stories so very very special and so very very unforgettable."
Jane Yolen

"../McKinley, in these stories, is afraid neither of great beauty nor of great evil. She has the gift of taking these stories and retelling them with love..."
Science Fiction Review

"... adds subtlety, complexity, and suspense to what is only tersely stated in Grimm. Like a musical theme and variations the telling is full of disgressions and decorations - arpeggios of ideas and language - that add new depth to an old tale."
Horn Book

"This collection should interest readers of all ages who never tire of wizards and fairyland."
Washington Post



(From the back of the 1988 Ace paperback edition)

Robin McKinley, winner of the prestigious Newbery Award, leads you through the door in the hedge into the lands of faery - a world more beautiful, and far more dangerous, than the fairy tales of childhood would have us believe...


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