So, at Worldcon, David Brukman kindly arranged and paid for dinner with Pat and Melinda. Which was very fun and interesting. Then, of course, we came home and apparently both failed to write anything up. Sorry, guys...

But I'd promised Pat a writeup of my Builder conspiracy theory (the "Down in Flames" scenario, a la Niven's pre-Ringworld outline. Maybe I should call it "Down in Shadows".) I thought I already _had_ written it up properly -- I know I've babbled about it before -- but I just find a couple of things which could probably use some polishing. But here are the urls, for Melinda to pass on: and my older rasfw posts
longer and shorter

BTW, Pat said it was a very interesting idea, and might make a nice conspiracy theory for Kencyr to believe in. So I gather I didn't hit upon the real nature of her universe.

I see the first url contains the idea of a 2nd Kencyrath, working its way up the Chain in the other direction from Perimal's breach. That's actually independent of the hoax idea; it just makes sense on its own, unless PD came in at the end.

I don't think my Dark Kenshold idea was ever written up anywhere, I still need to do that.

Oh, I do remember one thing from dinner: among the four of us we had up to three different ways of pronouncing the names, and in the absence of my talking directly to Pat I may stick with my own versions. In particular Pat pronounces Gerridon with a soft 'G', at which point I said we could start calling the Tyr-ridan "Gerri's kids".

-xx- Damien X-)