Quoted from here, for posterity and for extraction from a bunch of con and photo stuff. Date was 2008 July 28.

1) The Foglios aren't quite sure what Maxim's shiny black mechanical arm thingy is. They tell people that it's important to the future plot just to throw them off the question when in reality they never really gave it a purpose or even decided what it was. Phil just drew it and thought it looked cool.

2) The origin of Maxim: One day Phil thought it would be funny to draw a sketch of a "Bishounen Jäger" for Kaja as a joke. She loved it so much that she insisted they make him a regular character in the comic. No, seriously. (After learning this I doubled over in laughter.)

3) They have been tossing around the idea of writing a mini comic about Maxim getting a new hat!

4) When someone becomes a Jäger the only thing that changes about them is their appearance. They still have human genetics so when a Jäger reproduces, his offspring will be 100% human.

5) Ages! The generals are somewhere between 600-700 years old, Dimo is about 300, and Oggie and Maxim are around 250-300. Maxim is the youngest of the three. Phil has the exact ages written down somewhere but he couldn't remember off the top of his head.

6) The Foglios never decided if Oggie had kids before or after becoming a Jäger.

7) Only the very best & strongest soldiers were chosen to become Jagers.

8) Out of every 10 people who were given the Jagerdraught, 7-8 of them died and usually one or two of the survivors went crazy or had such outrageous effects that they begged for death. Woah! @_@