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Subject: GG Comments

Here's my comments on your comments. Numbers generally refer to your notes or the page you're referring to.


1. Actually, Philbert ("Do not think about a monkey.").

2. I puzzled over that sign for a long time, mainly because I'd never seen the word 'revenent' before. I did figure out the "immediately" and "citizen alert", but what's with the half circle on top? The T-in-a-circle (presumably the Tyrant's emblem) would make more sense (see pages 11, 13, 15, etc).

10. You're wondering about the cactus but not the V8 engine? The book and cannister rule.


1. Good question.

2. "Planet" is probably a bit of an exageration.

3. "You won't get me! You won't get ANY of us!!" "-NO!-!" Just what is he thinking, anyway? The blueprints said he was preparing for an "inevitable" confrontation with Klaus. Why? What good does hiding a Hive Engine do? Why do Adam and Lilith trust Beetle and not Klaus?

5. All of the above? Of course, if Theo's story is true....

6. I'd say the "Petty" is for Merlot.

7. ?

8. The fish and handprints aren't skeletal. I like the big sunflower bolted to the wall and the lizard and bat-winged blimp hanging in front of it.

9. And "Mom's Extra Robo Oil"

10. "Electro Snorta Scope Mk III" "Syrup of Lead" and the "No Smoking" sign is on fire.


1.5 page 54: Boris is eating two donuts at once, and holding a mug, and pointing. Wish I could do that. Nice interaction between Boris and Jaegermonster.

2. Note that Klaus reversed the task order, but doesn't wonder why the clank just sits there when he shows up.

5. Also the first sighting of the S.A.D. (StudioFoglio Arm Displacement) Syndrome.


1. This issue starts on page 82 and ends on 111. I've got the numbers penciled in on my copy.

2. I'm not exactly impressed by the intelligence of the von Zinzers.

3. And Zulenna(!) sitting on the table.

5.5 page 91: "Hot Rain Engine #106" I have to check which use of "shower" came first.

7. "Green Oil" "Rhizomes" "Tubers" "Fungi?" and bucket for keeping fire in (ObPratchett).

10. Zoing! is still looking at us on the next page. And you shouldn't even need the flywheel if you've got counter-rotating propellers.

11. I never really looked closely at this page before. I like the blimp labeled "Peace?" and the statue on the top of CW.

12. And shoulder pad on page 106. Who's that in the picture on page 108?

14. I like that official policy.


1. And in the story, and in the game.

4. See v1i3.5

6. She was scared at first (see page 112). The boy-with-clock is so we can tell what time it is; very useful for my timeline (posted to the GG Yahoo club). Note that Von Pinn has a Mongfish pocket watch.

7. I had Theo pegged as the target of Agatha's lust-at-first-sight, but it doesn't seem to be happening.

8. Note that Klaus is strong enough to cause problems for a mechanical claw that's later used to beat up a huge robotic dragon. Is that why his card says 'construct'?

8.3 page 122: "Still is, old boy." Klaus' torch casts a shadow.

8.6 page 124: Mongfish emblem on fish.

9. I am in complete agreement with Barry.

13. ObPratchett: "Oh, and good hair."

15. Or maybe that's what we're supposed to think...

16. Look again at page 141; the footman on the right has green eyes. May be a sign of rank. I like the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" homage.

17. Or maybe some of the details are amusingly wrong. "Annoyatron Mk VI"

20. Since when has that ever stopped us?