To Reign in Hell review

From: (David Gibbs)
Subject: Re: Favorite Brust Book and Why
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 95 00:50:38 GMT
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Peter H. Granzeau   wrote:

>I _really_ like Brust.  And yet, I was unable to read _To Reign in
>Hell_.  I had to quit about a quarter of the way through.

Yes, _TRiH_ is not an easy book to read.  The first time I tried,
I got about 30-40 pages in and then gave up.  I went back and re-read
it just recently, and it was still heavy going, but I think it was
worth it.

FWIW, here is the short review that I wrote after reading it...


TO REIGN IN HELL by  Steven Brust
ACE Fantasy, ISBN 0-441-81496-4 

     Of all the Brust novels that I have read, and I have read most 
of them, TO REIGN IN HELL is the only one that I had difficulty 
reading.  It is not that it is poorly written, or that the characters
are weak or poorly drawn, or that the story is uninteresting, for 
none of those are true.  It even has the touches of humour one 
expects from Steven Brust.  What I found difficult is that this 
is a story of noble intentions and plans failing due to petty 
corruption and treachery -- this is not unusual in a book, but
usually the reader can hope/expect that truth will overcome the
petty machinations, but because one knows the outcome of this 
story (Satan will rebel against Yaweh, and he will be defeated),
it become far more frustrating.  Still, I am glad I persevered,
this is a powerful book, and well worth the effort.  I recommend
it highly for anyone looking for a serious read, but if you are
looking for something light -- this is not the book for you.


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