From Stale Urine

Well, I'd bought a tape some time back when it first came out, listened to the first side, and somehow never got around to the second side. A gap in my ability to appreciate Urinite music which was rectified just now, enabling me to proffer this review of _EGON IS WATCHING YOU_, side 2. The side 1 review will be in the future.

(0) There's an awful lot of blank tape at the end of side 2. It's still running, and this is pretty dense tape. I feel cheated.

(1) There seems to me to be a marked alternation in the quality of the songs. "Head", "Farmer", "Apart" and "Chantry" are fairly good. "Anus", "Treason", "Crevasse" and "Rail" suck. "Rail" is the closest of the 'alternate' songs to bearable quality but I preferred the performance by Lange at Drop Day, Winter 1993. (Not 1st term, as claimed in the Discography put out by Benedetti.)

(2) Lange is back, and it was claimed he would be performing on Memorial Day weekend. Is _Nutrition_ the only sign of that, or is there some performance today?

(3) The review, as I wrote it while listening to the tape.

Head over Heels -- good. Music slightly better than lyrics
Music for M&A -- ugh. The less I think about it, the better.
Farmer -- good. Chorus betten than verse. Verse 2: "careful what _it is_ you say"
Treason -- ?? Exception to rule that SU lyrics pretty understandable. Note that "conceptual" songs are not holding up well.
Things fall Apart -- nice. My god, rhyme! "Whatever" instead of "And as always"
Crevasse -- There is a God, and he's out to get me. Yep, notice a pattern.
Chantry -- "supertramp, except they aren't cool" 'Pop' better than 'pirate' in lyrics and music.
Third Rail -- sounds like Villani, not Radford. Better than the other alternate, conceptual songs on this side; not in the same class as the decent songs.

(4) fmt respects existing text indentation.

(5) What happened to FMTAF? Is it still out or was it withdrawn? I noted that "Lobster" is on _Nutrition_; a different version or the promised remake of the good songs on FMTAF?

(6) The blank tape finally ran out.

(7) The decent songs in phase with "Head" would be fine at another Drop Day party; certainly better than Moonwash. I'm not sure how you would perform "Anus" at a party but I am sure I wouldn't want you to.

"Smelter" -- Dubious. Lyric change but I think that's been noted already. The lyrics and lyrical concept are interesting, the execution is... an execution. "Oh man" indeed. Cough drops, anyone?
"Music in Two Parts" -- Continuing the side 2 trend of concept songs sucking.
"Fish" -- One of the better works. Sounds like Lange but I haven't met this "James Radford". The music collapses after "sliding in the house", but recovers. I'm certain the steel/sparks reversal has been noted before.
"Borderline" -- Lange at high pitch is funny, but he's better at that range than anyone else in the band. He loses an octave on a few words which increases the amusement value. The chorus from the rest of the band is hilarious although if there was much more they'd probably become annoying. Definitely one of the better songs. So much for covers not being interesting. Of course I haven't heard any of the originals.
"Grill Monkey" -- Radford. Uh oh. Yep. Cough _syrup_. Lyrics aren't _too_ bad. No reference made to getting or not getting tips.
"Rob Cobb's Job" -- Starts off differently. Higher pitched. And better. The standard part is ok.
"Moon" -- Rank it with "Treason". Enough heard. Hmm, perhaps I was hasty. Verse 3 and 4 are done more lively, slightly better. The lyrics just bite; who is this "Hollystone S."?
"Wax Man" -- "give your spawn"...I like that. "Paraffin" must be to give us contrast to appreciate the rest of the song even more. But it isn't needed. I have new respect for Villani's talents now.

Overall EGON review. Not too bad, worth 3 dollars for those who don't consider buying Ramen to be a major expenditure. Some more pruning by the band could definitely be used. I may have given the impression that I don't think as highly of Radford's musical talents; with all due respect for my Secretary, I'm afraid this is true. Perhaps he had too much to do at the time to do SU well. Attempts at "concept" music definitely are executed poorly, as with a dull guillotine.

-xx- Damien X-)