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Try "This Alien Shore" by CS Friedman (spelling might be off) set in the
future where kids are implanted with hardware in their brains so all of
society basically has the internet etc in their head. Excellent story too!

On Wed, 06 Jun 2001 16:43:16 -0400, wrote:

> hello! can anyone recommend any good books/movies about cyborg/artificial

> intelligence type stuff? (besides the terminator movies, that is). i just

> started a book by tanith lee called _the silver metal lover_, which is
> awesome so far(don't be put off by the title!). and i've heard there's a
> good novel by marge piercey called _he, she, and it_. and i can't wait to

> see steven spielberg's new movie, "A.I."...
> take care,
> cameron
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