Re: McKinley: cyborgs/A.I./etc

From: cameron catlover <>
Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 11:19:04 PDT

damien writes:
>What are you looking for in the stories? Do you want to binge out on
>involving machine intelligence, or are you looking for stories about
>interaction, or stories told from the AI perspective, or what? And does
>books about AI" imply "good books, about AI" or "books which explore AI
>even if other aspects of the writing are crappy"?

i guess i'm mostly interested in human-AI interactions(such as tanith lee's
_the silver metal lover_), which could conceivably, but not necessarily, be
told from the AI perspective. by "good books" i mean books that are both
scientifically plausible as well as "well written" in the traditional
sense(engaging plot, multi-dimensional characters, etc - also, i prefer
books with at least one sympathetic(if flawed) character in them, not just
all villains/cowards/etc!:) thanks!

take care,
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