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4th May, 2001. 9:03 a.m.

Hello Cameron and other McKinley-ists!

>hello! can anyone tell me the title/author of the modern novel
>written about heathcliff's "lost years"(when he went away to make
>his fortune, etc)? can anyone recommend any books (besides _wide
>sargasso sea_ and _here on earth_) that retell any of the brontes'
>novels(either using the original characters, or set in modern
>times)? thanks!
>take care,

There's a funky book I read once called "Regarding Jane Eyre" (ed.
Susan Geason ISBN: 0091835038). It was a collection of different
pieces about or relating to Jane Eyre: an except from Wide Sargasso
Sea, the essay from The Madwoman in the Attic by Gilbert and Gubar,
an email conversation between a writer and Jane regarding hypertext
and various motifs which appear in the novel, and heaps of other
things. It was certainly very thought-provoking.

I've just had a look on Amazon and it says that it's out of print. :(


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