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Date: Sun Mar 18 2001 - 14:25:25 PST

> i was wondering if anyone could recommend any young adult books that deal
with "adult" subject matter such as rape and physical abuse. i've read a
book called _when she hollers_, by cynthia voight, which was excellent, as
well as a book called _bee and jackie_ that deals with brother-sister
incest. some of francesca lia block's books deal with these issues, and

oh! i really like FL Block, but i rarely hear mention of her stuff. ^_^

will get to hear her speak. then of course there's robin's own book,
_deerskin_ - do you all know of any other books that address these issues in
an honest, sensitive way?

it just so happens... a book by Elizabeth Wein, called 'The Winter Prince',
was just recommended on another list. wow. it's a re-telling of Authurian
legend, from Mordred's POV. deals with incest and abuse, honestly and
plainly. and on top of that, it's a really fantastic read, on par with
Robin's though much darker.


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