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Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 14:13:20 PST

hello! i'm also interested in finding more retellings of the "wild swans" fairytale. amazon yields different results depending on whether you type in wild/6/six/7/ or "seven" swans, so it can be confusing! i think _daughter of the forest_ may be a retelling of an irish swan-transformation story, not the hans christian andersen story where the sister cannot speak, must weave shirts of nettles, etc, but i'm not positive about that... anyway, i haven't actually read most of these yet, but here are some options amazon has turned up:

1. _swan's wing_(actually i think someone on this list recommended this one, which picks up where the fairytale leaves off)

2. susan jeffer's illustrated _the wild swans_(amazing, no matter how many versions of the fairytale you've read)

3. _twelve wild swans_, by starhawk - supposedly contains some feminist pagan stuff, too, interspersed with the fairytale retelling, so i guess you could skip the parts you weren't interested in...

4. _the seventh swan_, by nicholas stuart gray; also recommended on this list in the past; also, apparently, picks up where the original fairytale left off, with the one winged brother

5. _the wild swans_, by peg kerr; apparently a blend of "real life" and fantasy?

6. on a past search, i thought i saw a book that was a humorous retelling of the wild swans(maybe along the lines of _ella enchanted_), but now i can't find it - anyone else have any info on this book? thanks!

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