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20th January, 2001. 12:07 p.m.

A good book on Beauty and the Beast - origins and rewritings of the tale -
is Beauty and the Beast: Visions and Revisions of an Old Tale by Betsy
Hearne, University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London, 1989. She traces
how the story has been used and changed from Beaumont to Tanith Lee (and
includes Robin - see one of my earlier posts from last year). She even
provides a reproduction of Beaumont's original text in one of her appendices.

Urban fantasy - highly recommend Charles de Lint's Newford series. The
Ivory and the Bones is a collection of his short stories set in this
fictional city - all of them fairy tales, mixing Native American mysticism
with Celtic folklore, etc. Same sort of vein as his Jack the Giant-Killer
and Drink Down the Moon which I also really enjoyed. There's a second
volume of Newford stories called Dreams Underfoot and some of them have
been published in Datlow and Windling's fairy tale anthologies.

Fantasy set in university colleges: Tam Lin by Pamela Dean of course. The
beginning of Gibbon's Decline and Fall (Sheri S. Tepper) is set in a
college but then moves on thirty years from there. A bit of
self-advertising but I also wrote something about a bunch of girls in a
college - not really fantasy but what I call a "postmodern fairy tale":
check out

which is my Honours thesis. I trust you guys not to plagiarise my work.


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