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Date: Sun Jan 14 2001 - 11:36:30 PST

There is an excellent trilogy of books by R.A. MacAvoy called Damiano,
Damiano's Lute, and Raphael, about a young Italian man who stays a virgin in
order to learn lute playing and magic from an Angel during the plague years.
Things get complicated when the devil decides he wants Damiano's soul. The
last book is all about Raphael, the angel. They're out of print but there
are usually copies in used bookstores. If you can't find any I think I have
an extra set, although it is probably buried in the attic somewhere! :)

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> hello! can anyone recommend any good books/movies/songs about angels?
also, sorry this is so vague, but there's this angel picture of a girl with
short(or pulled back?) reddish brown hair, dressed in all white, with her
arms at her sides and her wings rising behind her - it's a pretty
realistic-looking(except for the wings!) picture of a girl(i.e.-as opposed
to medieval-looking pictures of angels), and i used to see it everywhere...
does anyone think they might know the title of/artist who made this picture
or where i might find it on the net? thanks!
> take care,
> cameron
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